Folktale Farm


2014 Kids

E1 - pale chamoisee doeling with random white, polled, retained


E2 - chamoisee doeling with minimal white, polled,  $350 (sale pending)


E3 - buckskin doeling with some random white, $300 (sale pending)


Born 2/11/2014


Sire: Sweet Garden FC Johann Strauss *B

Dam: OL'Country TWK Cameo


Nice kids! I may keep one of the chamoisee doelings, the other two girls will be for sale. My first kids from Strauss, who is a really lovely correct buck with lots of milk production behind his pedigree. 

E6 - doeling, black with extensive white overlay, polled, $350


E7 - doeling, buckskin with extensive white overlay, retained


born 2/22/14


Sire: Sweet Garden FC Johann Strauss *B

Dam: Country Bumpkins CAD Cowalilly


This was the breeding I was most excited about this year, and I was not disappointed. Heavy Flat Rocks influence, not quite a linebreeding but close. Should be good milk & show prospects. E6's ear has since straightened out and she is looking really good, my top pick out of our kids this year so far. I won't be sad if she doesn't sell :)

E8 - buckling, white & gold with blue eyes


born 2/24/14


Sire: Sunny Daze Moonrise

Dam: Sunny Daze Arya Underfoot (mini nubian)


He is 37.5% nubian, 62.5% nigerian dwarf and could be registered with MDGA as 1st generation mini nubian. Really sweet little guy, I will consider letting him go as a buck once I get a better idea of his dam's production but he will be wethered at 8 weeks if not reserved by then.


$250 as a buck, $125 as a wether (sale pending)

ALL 2014 KIDS ARE SOLD! Contact me if you want to be put on an email list for spring 2015 kids. See the Kidding Schedule for planned breedings/due dates.


All kids are disbudded, tattoed and receive both of their CD/T vaccination shots before leaving for their new homes. They come with an ADGA registration application (so you can pick their names) and a small amount of whatever grain/supplements they've been getting so you can slowly switch them over to their new food. A $25 discount is given per kid when you buy multiple kids - so $50 off for two kids, $75 off for three kids, etc.

E9 - buckling, dark buckskin with random white


Born 2/25/14


Sire: Sunny Daze Moonrise

Dam: Folktale Farm Narcissa Black


For sale as a wether, $125 (sale pending)

E10 - doeling, buckskin with white flecks, $300 (sale pending)


E11 - doeling, mostly white with black boots, blue eyes, polled, $350 (sale pending)


Born 3/1/14


Sire: Sweet Garden FC Johann Strauss *B

Dam: Folktale Farm MR Asterisk


I didn't plan on breeding Astrid this young, but this is still a really nice breeding and the kids should be good milk & show prospects. I am considering retaining one doe since Astrid's udder is looking good.  

E12 - white pygora x nigerian dwarf doeling, $225 (sale pending)


Born 3/1/14


Sire: Sunny Daze Moonrise

Dam: Hawks Mountain Ranch Muriel


50% pygora, 50% nigerian dwarf. Was born with clear blue eyes, but they are now hazel & I think they will end up brown eventually. She will probably produce a cashmere-like long undercoat that sheds, and Muriel's udder looks like it might milk well so she may be a good backyard milker prospect.



doelings doeling3 doeling2 doelings mini mininubian cissybuckling cissybuckling2 astridkids2 astridkids3 pygorax2 pygorax

E13 - doeling, chamoisee with random white, blue eyes, $350


Born 3/16/14


Sire: Sunny Daze Moonrise

Dam: OL'Country BN Tarot


Repeat breeding since I liked last year's kids from these two so much. I have a yearling full sister to this doeling on premises that I kept from last year. Tarot is super easy to milk and I love her udder.


e13 e134 e7